University Consortium for Applied Hypersonics Seminar Series: Counterintelligence within Academia

Abstract: For years, adversaries have been utilizing counterintelligence exploitation techniques to gain access to organizational and government information. These attempts have increased in ferocity with new techniques being developed on a daily basis.  As the largest defense contractor in the world, Lockheed Martin is far from exempt from this targeting. As Counterintelligence Professionals, our role […]

UCAH Seminar Series: Hypersonic Guidance, Navigation, & Control (GNC) Challenges towards Mission Capability by Dr. Timothy Jorris

Abstract:The hypersonic domain introduces new constraints within multiple disciplines; aerodynamics, thermal protection/management, aeroheating, materials, structures, controls, sensors, and energy management. A GNC challenge is to find a feasible solution satisfying all the hypersonic constraints while also optimizing the mission objective. To further exacerbate the problem, a real-time onboard solution must compensate for uncertainties in propulsion, […]